Every word counts

The Father at the Tricycle Theatre

By Peter Pullan MBE.

The Father was one of the most powerful plays I have ever seen. The performances were extraordinary and the confusion that it deliberately created for the audience with the different characters was very disturbing.

How amazing it was to see items of furniture slowly disappearing with each scene – almost a magic trick - like reality slipping away and the beautiful Bach ‘Partita’ becoming distorted as memory became confused.

The laughter at the father’s comments at the beginning subsided as the full horror of his mental state became apparent and the bullying was frightening.

Alex (the Stagetext captioner) did an extraordinary job of the captioning and you were left numb at the end. The father’s final comments about the leaves falling away had me (and several others) in tears. There were at least 2 full rows of deaf people in the front of the circle – amazing. A truly astonishing play.

Please convey my thanks to the theatre for captioning such a wonderful play.



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