Making arts and entertainment accessible to deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people

Welcome to STAGETEXT


STAGETEXT is a registered charity which provides captioning and live speech-to-text services in theatres, museums, galleries and other arts and cultural venues.

Theatre captioning is similar to television subtitling and gives deaf, deafened and hard of hearing theatregoers access to live performance. We help theatres to develop new audiences, bring former audiences back into the theatre, and provide a more enjoyable experience for current audiences, whether they have a hearing loss or not.



STAGETEXT can also offer support to theatres that wish to set up their own captioning service and train local captioners.

STAGETEXT also works with museums and galleries to make their talks and tours accessible to deaf, deafened and hard of hearing visitors through live speech-to-text technology.



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Great Britain


29th July 2014

at 7.30pm

National Theatre (Lyttelton), London

Great Britain

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