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Talk Rembrandt - A Question of Attribution


When the Wallace Collection was first put together, 12 paintings were bought as Rembrandts. By the early 1990s this had been reduced to just one, mainly because of the influence of the Rembrandt Research Project. Today, five paintings in the collection are considered to be by Rembrandt.

This talk will examine the thorny problem of attributing old master paintings, touching on the roles of technical analysis and traditional connoisseurship. We will look closely at all the paintings involved and hope to gain an insight into the studio practice of Rembrandt and the fluctuating fortunes through the ages of the master and his circle of pupils and imitators.  

Rembrandt - A Question of Attribution is a free event but tour numbers are strictly limited to 25 people and will be given on a first come first served basis.

This tour with Rupert Dickens will have live subtitles for d/Deaf and hard of hearing people. The speakers' words will be displayed on handheld tablets. To reserve your tablet please contact community@wallacecollection.org, 020 7563 9577, 07501 759258 (text).

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Wed 30 May 2018, 1:00pm

Live subtitling by Stagetext

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