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Goody (Edinburgh Festival Fringe)

Goody (Edinburgh Festival Fringe)


Winner of Les Enfants Terribles Greenwich Partnership Award 2017.
1934, Dustbowl America. Backstage at the travelling circus, we discover the complex relationship between one man and his performing chimpanzee. Marooned in a world she does not comprehend, Goody finds comfort with her only companion: her trainer Frances. How do they communicate? How do they cohabit? Who is in control? Lucy Roslyn's new play is a striking, darkly funny exploration of the extraordinary, heartbreaking world of performing apes and the humans who live with them, love them and break them.

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Sat 26 Aug 2017, 2:15pm

Captioned in house by Claire Hill Realtime Reporting

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Pleasance Beside
Pleasance Courtyard
60 Pleasance

Phone: 0131 556 1513

Email: info@pleasance.co.uk

Website: Pleasance Beside

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