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Digital The Winter’s Tale (on YouTube from 22 April to 22 May)

The Winter’s Tale (on YouTube from 22 April to 22 May)


Following the successful screenings of Measure For Measure and Ubu Roi, Cheek by Jowl's latest production The Winter’s Tale will be streamed and available to watch on YouTube with subtitles from 22 April until midnight on 22 May 2017.

One of Shakespeare's greatest plays, The Winter's Tale, though written at the same period as The Tempest, smashes all the rules that The Tempest follows. Unity of time, place and action are hurled aside as we range across Europe, from court to country, from high tragedy to low comedy, across a time span of sixteen years.
The Winter's Tale tells of a delusional and paranoid king who tears his family apart. But this is the new Shakespeare, after he completed his great tragedies, and the tough struggle for redemption yields flickers of hope. Initial darkness gives way to joy as Time leads the characters to a shattering conclusion...

Click this link to watch the subtitled production on YouTube from 22 April until 22 May 2017. Cheek by Jowl website www.cheekbyjowl.com/livestream.


If subtitles don't appear immediately through the above link, please click on the white symbol (square shaped) in the bottom right hand corner of the film.



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