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Talk Wigtown Book Festival | Janey Godley - Frank Get the Door


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This is a live audience event. Participants will be on stage in the venue. The event will also be simultaneously streamed on our website. Online access is free but please pay what you can. Booking for online events is optional, but by reserving an online ticket you will receive a reminder beforehand.

Throughout the pandemic, Janey Godley provided much-needed relief on social media with her gallus Glesga interpretations of the First Minister’s public briefings, now transcribed for this hilarious compilation. Who can resist: “Ye’ve been TELT. Everybuddy’s gonnae die if yeez aw keep gaun aboot an meetin each other an gaun hame wi a virus oan ye. If Ah see any o you oot there, Ah’m gonnae take a run an pit ma toe up the crack o yer arse.”

About the author: Janey Godley is a multi-award-winning Scottish comedienne, playwright, blogger, best-selling author and former Scotsman newspaper columnist. She’s performed around the world, and is a regular on BBC Radio 4’s Just a Minute. Her autobiography, Handstands in the Dark, came out in 2008.

This event will have live subtitles provided by Stagetext, delivered by MyClearText.

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Sat 25 Sep 2021, 2:00pm

Live subtitles (remote) by Stagetext

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Wigtown Book Festival
County Buildings
Main Hall

Phone: 01988 403 222 (Box Office)

Website: Wigtown Book Festival

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