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Accessible trailers for accessible events

Find trailers for accessible events with our YouTube playlists

Stagetext have revamped their YouTube page to help users find more captioned content for upcoming shows, talks, and exhibitions.

The YouTube channel’s playlists now show accessible trailers, behind-the-scenes footage, and supporting material for various captioned performances and talks.

The Digital department at Stagetext produced captions for over 350 videos and broadcasts in 2016, as well as training many theatres and companies in how to caption their own content.

Demand for captioned content is high on all platforms, over one million BBC iPlayer are watched with captions every day*, and along with improving access for deaf, deafened, and hard of hearing customers, captioned video content benefits producers and consumers in other ways.

Adding captions to YouTube videos can increase viewing figures by over seven per cent, they improve engagement on social media, and they also help improves a websites visibility with search engines.

The listings on YouTube exhibit the work of both Stagetext’s digital team, as well as content captioned by various venues in-house teams.

View the playlists at www.youtube.com/stagetext


*   Information supplied by BBC freedom of information request (Jun 2017)

†   Discovery Digital Networks & 3Play Media case study (2013/2014)

‡   Refinery29 & Adaptly (Nov 2015)


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