Pitlochry Festival Theatre
Wed 11 Dec 2024
2:00 pm
Captioned in house by Pitlochry Festival Theatre
The Sound of Music image

The Sound of Music is a joyous and heart-warming musical set in Austria on the eve of World War II.
It follows the story of a young novice nun Maria, whose free spirit has trouble fitting in with the regulations of the convent. She leaves to be a governess to seven motherless children, while contemplating whether to commit to life as a nun. Maria transforms the von Trapp family home from a place of strict rules to one filled with joy, laughter, and music. In the process, she falls in love with the children, capturing their hearts and finding herself drawn to their widower father, Captain von Trapp.
With the blessing of the Mother Abbess and to the children’s delight, Maria follows her heart and marries the Captain. Returning home from their honeymoon, they learn that their beloved Austria is under Nazi control, and the Captain has been summoned to serve in the Third Reich’s navy.
Determined to escape the dangerous situation, they resolve to leave Austria. After narrowly evading pursuit by Nazi officers, they embark on a treacherous journey with the children over the mountains to reach safety in Switzerland.