Orange Tree Theatre
Tue 30 Jul 2024
7:30 pm
Captioned by Stagetext
Red Speedo image

Ray lives to swim. He is within touching distance of international glory and a life-changing sponsorship deal. But everything changes when performance-enhancing drugs are discovered in the club’s refrigerator. As tensions run high, Ray’s brother wants them destroyed, his coach wants to call the authorities, his ex-girlfriend doesn’t want to know, and Ray wants the drugs back.
 A thriller played at the breakneck pace of an Olympic sprint, Red Speedo tackles the unforgiving weight of success in a world where the only crime is getting caught.
The UK premiere of Red Speedo is directed by Matthew Dunster (The Pillowman, 2:22 A Ghost Story) and stars Finn Cole, best known for his role as Michael Gray in Peaky Blinders.