Yard Theatre
Thu 30 May 2024
7:30 pm
Captioned by Stagetext
Multiple Casualty Incident image

Here, in a London training centre, people prepare to help strangers on another side of the world. There, a city is burning.
Here, Sarah gets a meal deal. There, people are in danger. Here, Khaled watches a training video. There, there are men with guns. Here, Sarah and Khaled flirt with each other. There, an aid worker looks after a refugee.
Suddenly — here becomes there.
Roleplay, desire and compassion will intertwine, revealing the limits of help, the beginnings of harm and the complexities of humanitarian work.
From Olivier-nominated writer Sami Ibrahim (two Palestinians go dogging; A Sudden Burst of Violent Rain) and Olivier-nominated director Jaz Woodcock-Stewart (Paradise Now!; Jason Medea Medley; Civilisation).