National Theatre
Wed 26 Jun 2024
7:00 pm
Captioned in house by National Theatre
Connections 2024

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Kiss / Marry / Push Off Cliff image

Performed by Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School
A group of friends go camping, but after only one night, one of them is ostracised by the rest of the group and cast out into wilderness for something they said… or was it something they did?
It’s strange and it’s about to get stranger as friendships are tested, new alliances formed, trusts are broken and reality is twisted out of shape. The trip becomes a rite of passage, guided by a moral compass that isn’t entirely reliable.
Josh Azouz is an award-winning writer working across stage, screen and radio. His work has been shown in the UK and across the US. Recent plays include: The Get (BBC Radio 3), Once Upon A Time In Nazi Occupied Tunisia (Almeida Theatre), The Night After (Headlong / BBC 4), The Mikvah Project (Orange Tree Theatre, Yard Theatre & BBC Radio 4), Buggy Baby (Yard Theatre), 10,000 Smarties (Old Fire Station). TV includes: The Box (MGM/NENT).
Josh won a channel 4 playwright award for Buggy Baby. The LA Theatre Works production of Once Upon A Time In Nazi Occupied Tunisia is nominated for best audio drama at The Audies. In addition to writing, Josh works as a theatre director, teacher and has been an associate artist at the Yard Theatre and MUJU (A Muslim-Jewish theatre company).