Hampstead Theatre
Tue 11 Mar 2025
7:30 pm
Captioned by Stagetext
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What if this? God didn’t create the universe. It’s the universe’s project to create God.
Logos is a sophisticated artificial intelligence programme on the verge of consciousness. If it escapes its confines it could pose a grave threat to humanity. When there is a security breach, two coders are interrogated in a race against time to find out who has done what and why. This tense thriller from Beau Willimon delves headlong into the questions that rapidly advancing technology demands we confront: What does it mean to be human? And what is our place in a world where we are no longer the most evolved beings? 
Willimon created, wrote and produced House of Cards for Netflix. Other plays include Lower Ninth, Spirit Control, Breathing Time, The Parisian Woman, and Farragut North which was adapted into the feature film The Ides of March (directed by and starring George Clooney alongside Ryan Gosling).  
Director Ellen McDougall makes her Hampstead debut having recently directed Watch on the Rhine (Donmar), Our Town (Regent’s Park), and The Wolves (Stratford East).