Hampstead Theatre
Tue 12 Mar 2024
7:30 pm
Captioned by Stagetext
Double Feature image

Alfred Hitchcock – the world’s most celebrated filmmaker.
Tippi Hedren – Hitchcock’s muse and leading lady.
Michael Reeves – brilliant new director trying to prove his worth.
 Vincent Price – seasoned hero of the horror genre 
1964, Los Angeles.  
Interior: Hitchcock’s cottage on the Universal lot. A great director and his star are engaged in a complex struggle between beauty and beholder. It’s mid-shoot on Marnie, but Hedren is struggling. The glare of Hollywood’s spotlight, coupled with a compulsion to be ever-ready for her close-up even when cameras have stopped rolling, are pushing her to the brink. How do you say no to the man who believes he made you…
1967, Suffolk.  
Interior: Reeves’ rented cottage on location of Witchfinder General. A young film director is desperately trying to create his magnum opus. The only obstacle in his path – the ageing star the studio has foisted upon him to help the Box Office. Price is about to walk, and Reeves’ career hangs by a thread: veteran and visionary go head to head on whether true art has any place on a film set.  
These two stories splice together seamlessly, exploring the glamour – and the grit  –associated with the silver screen. Where does the power in Hollywood truly sit: with the star on screen, or in the director’s chair? John Logan is an American playwright and screenwriter with first-hand experience of the movie world having written the screenplays for The Aviator, Skyfall and Gladiator. His stage work includes the Tony Award-winning play Red (West End and Broadway), Peter and Alice (West End) and the book for Moulin Rouge (West End and Broadway). 
Jonathan Kent returns to Hampstead where his previous productions include Good People, The Slaves of Solitude and The Forest.