Battersea Arts Centre
Fri 22 Mar 2024
7:30 pm
Captioned in house by Battersea Arts Centre
Big Finish image

Commissioned by Battersea Arts Centre, HOME Manchester, Cambridge Junction and Jerwood Arts. Supported by Arts Council England, Another Route, and ODAC.
Tuck in your tailcoats because this ship’s setting sail and there’s rough seas ahead… Figs in Wigs make a triumphant return to Battersea Arts Centre after their successful 2021 run of ‘Little Wimmin’, with a London premiere showcasing their unique theatrical blend of live art, comedy and dance.
The end is nigh, but not that nigh. Have they got time to make one more show?
We hope so.
Big Finish is about endings. And beginnings. And middles. And endings.
What happens if the world ends? What happens if we end?
Is there any way we can make our way through the mess of now, to the future of tomorrow? Or is it better to hope for an apocalypse?
Have we already hit the iceberg, or are we heading straight for it?
Is anyone alive out there?