Supporting the arts during the lockdown

Supporting the arts during the lockdown

We know it’s going to be a tough few months as we all adapt to working from home and finding new ways to reach audiences outside of our usual spaces.

If you’re uploading shows to YouTube, creating videos for social media, or looking to reach larger audiences online, it is important to keep your work accessible.

There are 11 million people in the UK who rely on subtitles and captions and we need to ensure that no one is made to feel more isolated than they need to be.

Stagetext are here to help make your work accessible, as well as giving you the opportunity to reach and engage with larger audiences.

How we can help you from home

Subtitling your videos
Trying to reach new audiences? Subtitled videos have greater views and 80% more people watch these videos to completion. Stagetext offer services to help subtitle your content, whether it’s a short piece for social media or a whole performance for streaming. Get in touch with Oliver Webster at [email protected].

List your events with us
Stagetext is still the go to place for d/Deaf and hard of hearing audiences to find captioned and subtitled events. If you’re uploading events to YouTube or on your website, then let us know. We send regular listings to all our users and can help bring you new audiences. List your online events for free by emailing [email protected].

Digital Training
We’ll soon be launching details about an upcoming webinar, which will focus on how to subtitle your own content. We’ll be looking at why subtitles are so important, how they help reach a larger and more engaged audience, and how to begin subtitling your own videos. If you’d like to be kept up to date on Stagetext training events please contact [email protected].

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