Remembering Peter Taplin

Remembering Peter Taplin

Everyone at Stagetext is deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Peter Taplin. Our thoughts and well wishes are with family and friends at this difficult time.

Peter worked as a technician with us for many years and he played a vital role in developing the technical support service that Stagetext continues to offer today.   He was a great friend and support to the team and we know that previous and existing staff, captioners and technicians will join us in saying  “Thank you, your legacy lives on”.

Peter Pullan MBE and Merfyn Williams the founders of Stagetext write:

“We got to know Peter Taplin when he was supplying the technical support for VocalEyes and recognised his excellent skills. Peter brought the technical knowledge to the team and was able to talk to theatre technicians on an equal technical level. He made several useful modifications to the hardware which improved the quality of the system and minimised the risk of caption failure.

Peter’s professionalism and commitment during his time with us earned him the respect of theatre technicians around the country. We shall always be very grateful for his work and Stagetext would not have been the same without him.”

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