It’s Our 20th Birthday

It’s Our 20th Birthday

Words of support from our friends and audience

Everything we do here at Stagetext is for the benefit of our users and it means so much to us when they let us know about their experiences.

For our birthday we’d particularly like to thank Hala Hashem, who has taken the time to share some poems with us.

Thank you Hala, your words mean so much to us!


A Poem for Stagetext
by Hala Hashem

When the world is looking bleak and you don’t know where to wallow
When you crave to see a show or talk but you struggle to follow
Never fear Stagetext is always here
With captioned performances and subtitled talks it’s oh so clear
How your world can be so much brighter
Just check out what’s on & you’ll feel lighter
If you don’t see what you want just give them a shout
The more noise we make the more we’ll go without
So theatres & museums hear our cry
Giving us choices will just make us fly
My huge thanks to Stagetext for the last 20 years
Here’s to a future with so much prospects and cheers



Homage to Stagetext Founders
by Hala Hashem

Way back just over 20 years ago
Three wise men came together
Sparking such a great idea aglow
No surprise it would last forever

With different types of deafness
And an enormous love of the theatre
They pondered on the greatness
Of truly accessible theatre

Then lo and behold Stagetext was born
None of us should no longer be forlorn
Excitement befell us as at long last
We can access theatre with a blast

As word for word we’re getting all the action
Along with feeling lots of satisfaction
Being part of the same reactions
And the feeling of being included
Is way better than being excluded

Oh Geoff, Peter & Merfyn our three wise men
We bow to you and sing your praises
How much you’ve done beyond our gazes
And we give all our gratitude
A thousand times over to you
As you brightened up all our lives
So for you here’s all our high fives


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