Happy Birthday Stagetext

Happy Birthday Stagetext

Wow, what a week it’s been… and it’s not over yet!

As we go into the last couple of days of Captioning Awareness Week, we have taken a few moments today to have a slice of cake and celebrate our 19th Birthday.

Our very first captioned show was of the Duchess of Malfi by the RSC at the Barbican back in 2000, and it’s been amazing today to look at everything we’ve accomplished over 19 years.

We work in more theatres than ever, have introduced live subtitling to museums across the country, set up a digital department to subtitle videos, DVDs, and social media posts, as well as providing access training to a new generation of arts professionals.

We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has helped us get this far, the passionate theatres and producers who work with us so closely, the museums and galleries who make their talks and tours accessible, our dedicated staff and board members, the hardworking freelance captioners and STTRs, our lovely Stagetext Ambassadors and User Panel, and especially to our founders, Peter Pullan MBE, Merfyn Williams and Geoff Brown.

But what about the future?

In 2020 we have huge plans to celebrate our 20th year; an archive project (the first of its kind), plans for a captioned theatre exhibition, and laying the foundations for Captioning Awareness Month 2020… which will require plenty more cake.

Keep an eye out for the many announcements to come as we begin the countdown to 20 years of Stagetext.

Happy birthday Stagetext and thank you again for the continued support from everyone who have been with us over the last 19 years.

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