Enjoy performances from smaller venues with Scenesaver

Enjoy performances from smaller venues with Scenesaver

Live theatre can be absolutely amazing – a wonderful spectacle to experience – but just missing a few wordsfrom a performance and mean you lose a huge amount.

Scenesaver brings you their free to use, theatre streaming site showing a great selection of subtitled performances from offwestend and small venues across the world.

There are over 60 subtitled and signed performances (including ones for children) and the selection is as eclectic as th

e type of work you would expect to see in these theatres; drama, dance, puppetry, fantasy and experimental.

Scenesaver joined Stagtext in November for Captioning Awareness Week and actively champions the benefits of subtitling digital performances to its contributors.

Explained Scenesaver founder Caroline Friedman: “We launched during lockdown and now have thousands of users with work and audiences from all over the world.

“It costs nothing to view the performances on Scenesaver but users are asked, if they can, to pay a voluntary ticket price donation and all of this money is given to the performers.


nesaver believes theatre should be accessible to all, which is why we encourage all our theatremakers to audio-describe, subtitle and sign their work.

“Our users tell us that thanks to Scenesaver they are able to enjoy work that previously they were unable to experience.

“We want everyone to be able to see this work regardless of disability, financial, work, childcare or geographical reasons.”

Scenesaver is the host site for

the OnComm performance awards and new works are coming onto the site all the time. The performances last from just ten minutes up to two hours, so why not sit back and enjoy an accessible theatre performance brought to your screen.

To see the full selection of accessible performances on their site just visit:

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