Complete our free digital subtitling training

Complete our free digital subtitling training

We’ve launched a series of free training videos to teach people working in arts and culture how to subtitle their own work and to understand the benefits and importance of subtitles.

As the UK’s theatres, museums, and galleries continue to promote and release their work online, it is more important than ever to ensure that their work is accessible for d/Deaf, deafened and hard of hearing audiences.

This free training, led by our Programme Systems Manager, Oliver Webster, will show you how subtitles work, talk you through the huge audience who use subtitles, and most importantly, show you step-by-step how to start producing subtitles on YouTube’s free platform.

The training is divided into six sections. It’s important to watch each section to fully understand, not just how to start subtitling, but why they’re so important and how to make them fully accessible.

As a charity, our income has been hugely affected by the lockdown, and though we are more than happy to offer this training for free, we are asking that anyone who is able to please donate what they can to help cover some of the costs for producing these videos. All donations go a long way to ensuring we can continue to provide access to the 11 million of us in the UK who are d/Deaf, deafened, or hard of hearing, during and after the lockdown.


The videos are all available at and cover the following topics:


  1. Who benefits from subtitles? | In the first session you will learn about your d/Deaf audiences, we’ll talk you through the size of this audience and give you a grounding in d/Deaf awareness.
  2. What are the benefits of subtitles? | Expanding on your d/Deaf awareness here we will look and what other audiences benefit from subtitles and how you could be reaching more people than you think. 
  3. How are people using subtitles? | People often use subtitles for reasons other than d/Deaf access. Learn how we’re using subtitles in our everyday lives and how subtitles can help grow your audience and your engagement. 
  4. Using subtitles within your organisation | Discover the best ways to embed access across your organisation 
  5. Subtitling best practice | Learn the dos and don’ts of access and how to format your subtitles. 
  6. Step-by-step subtitling | Follow along as we show you how to start subtitling your own content.

Start your training now.

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