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Gifts and Wills | FAQs

All you need to give your solicitor is our registered charity number (1084300) and our address (Stagetext, First Floor, 54 Commercial Street, London E1 6LT).

There are a few different ways to support: you could leave a fix sum, a specific item, or a percentage of your estate. We always advise our supporters to talk to their solicitor to find out the best way for them.

Every gift in every will makes a difference however large or small. Even 1% could make a huge difference and means your loved ones will still receive 99%. You may also benefit from inheritance tax relief if you leave a gift in your will, which will benefit those closest to you even more. Please talk to your solicitor about this in more detail.

Absolutely, you’ll find this by clicking on this link.

If your will is already written and you want to alter it to make a gift to Stagetext, you can do so by adding a codicil. A codicil is an addition or supplement which is kept with, but not attached to, your will. This is a good way to add another gift or make minor changes to an existing will. Please seek the advice of your solicitor before entering into a codicil.

The decision to remember Stagetext in your will is a personal one, and one that you may only wish to share with your nearest and dearest. However we would love you to tell us so we can recognise and thank you in a way that suits you best. You can let us know about your intentions in several ways. You can call, email or send a letter to Melanie Sharpe, CEO on 020 7377 0540 or at melanie@stagetext.org.


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