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Talk Online | Andrew Marr: The Elizabethans

Online | Andrew Marr: The Elizabethans


When Queen Elizabeth II – or I in Scotland – succeeded to the throne in 1953 at the age of 25, Britain was a very different nation. During the course of her reign everything from the clothes we wore to the way we worked, played and worshipped has changed, and you can hear bestselling author and broadcaster Andrew Marr tell the riveting story of those changes through the people who helped to bring them about – people like Sylvia Plath, Bob Geldof, Zaha Hadid, David Attenborough and the Beatles. This is a history that gets to the heart of how 1950s Britain evolved into the diverse, contradictory and divided country it is today.

“Marr is the ideal history teacher that most people never had at school... A damned good read... This book will be read with pleasure, for Marr's ironic tone and ever-present pleasant presence” – Bernard Crick, Edinburgh Review

About the author: Glasgow-born Andrew Marr presents the weekly Andrew Marr Show on BBC1, and Start the Week on Radio 4. Beginning his career as a political commentator, he worked for many of the country’s national newspapers, becoming editor of The Independent and was the BBC's Political Editor for five years. With many books to his credit, he has written and presented TV documentaries on history, science and politics.

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Tue 29 Sep 2020, 11:00am

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