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'Live subtitles are a superb initiative. They lend themselves to so many audiences – amongst them deaf and partially hearing audiences, and young as well as older visitors. So far the feedback has been unequivocally positive.'
Access and Equality Manager, British Museum
Stagetext works with museums, galleries and other cultural venues to make their talks and lectures accessible through live subtitles, also known as speech-to-text transcription (STT).
A speech-to-text reporter (STTR) transcribes every word a speaker says using a special electronic shorthand keyboard which allows them to type phonetically (how words sound rather than how they are spelt). The words are then immediately converted back into English text by a computer software program, enabling the STTR to keep up with the speed of spoken English.
Accessible talks and tours have taken place at the Royal Academy of Arts, British Library, British Museum, Camden Arts Centre, Dulwich Picture Gallery, JW3, Museum of London, National Gallery, The Royal Collection, Royal Society, RSA, Wallace Collection, Wellcome Collection, the Hunterian Museum and Archives (Royal College of Surgeons), V&A, and the Whitworth in Manchester.

'Thank you for arranging this talk and others like it!  It's great that the Gallery can offer this option to visitors.  We hadn't really thought about the part of the audience who 'would not necessarily declare themselves as hard of hearing just yet' - who might just need that little 'boost' from the text every now and again - and how this could be a very comfortable way for them to just relax and enjoy the event without having to be concerned about what they might be missing.' National Gallery
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