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Online Customer Care training

One of the resources produced as part of the Stagetext/VocalEyes See a Voice project, which increased access to theatre for deaf, deafened, hard of hearing, blind and partially sighted people across the UK, was an Online Customer Care Training course specifically designed for front of house staff in theatres. While this is not meant to replace face-to-face deaf and visual impairment awareness training, given the high turnover of staff within some front of house teams, including many casual and volunteer ushers, this is an easy way to give some awareness training to your customer facing staff.

The course

There are two courses for them to work through: one focuses on deaf, deafened and hard of hearing customers, and the other on blind and partially sighted people. They can be completed at the staff member's own pace and can be accessed anywhere that has an internet connection. 

Each user has their own unique 'log-on', so they can track their progress.  The courses are fun, practical and informative and will give your front of house staff the confidence to communicate effectively with your customers.

The online training course is free and we hope as many venues as possible will make use of it.

Online introduction

View the online introduction here.

Further information

To find out more, or to register for the courses please contact Rosie Holmes, General Manager.

If you would like to enhance the online training by also offering some face-to-face awareness training for your staff, please let Rosie know and we will work with VocalEyes to provide you with a quote.

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