Every word counts

'I can follow everything that's happening'

Vivienne Keightley

Prior to November 2007 I had been to the theatre half a dozen times. Nothing too surprising about that you might think, but for someone who was profoundly deafened some nearly 30 years ago I had long since had to accept that theatre was sadly one of the many things that now been lost to me.

Then I heard about captioned shows at some theatres, and for a while, if I am honest, I did nothing about it as I didn’t want it to be one of those experiences where you expect a lot and receive a little - going to the theatre and being given ‘snippets’ and still not really being able to follow.

Then I became a member of a group who were running theatre trips to see captioned performances. I can only say how marvellous the experience has been, and how well this works. According to my hearing friends, “not a word is missed”, and there have been many tears, this time of joy I’m pleased to say.

It would be difficult for me to describe the feeling, except to say that it gives me such pleasure to be a part of what‘s happening, to laugh at the same time as everyone else, to react at the same time as everyone else, and to leave my puzzled face and expressions at home because I can now follow everything that’s happening on stage.

I can’t thank enough the people responsible for this service. It is truly a lovely experience for me and for the other members of our group to have this shared experience.

The Arts Council
The Arts Council
The Arts Council