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'A modern miracle of invention'

Marion Pearson

Computers, I-pods, BlackBerrys – Stagetext captioning is right up there with all the modern miracles of invention!

I’m a 71-year-old, retired school secretary who was deafened 12 years ago after a major operation. I lost my job, friends drifted away, social life was difficult and although reading and teletext were pleasurable, they didn’t offer any social interaction.

Before I became deaf, my husband and I had a season ticket for the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, but afterwards there was no point as I couldn’t follow the plots at all.

I joined the Sheffield Caption Support Group (SCSG) and my husband and I were delighted we could enjoy the theatre once again. Coffee mornings, and lunches before the matinees, gave us the chance to meet other deaf people and it just grew from there. SCSG members don’t only visit the theatres in Sheffield, Bradford, Nottingham and London, they also have a group for walkers - “Amble Ramblers”, and a Tuesday afternoon meeting once a month for chatting, learning, tea …

Who doesn’t enjoy a trip to the theatre, enjoying a good performance, and meeting friends? Captioning has made all this possible for me.

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