Every word counts

'What did we do before captioning? We stayed at home'

John Unsworth

What did we do before we discovered captioning? We stayed at home. I only came to learn about captioning in 2008, but it has enabled me to return to theatregoing after a very long absence.

Most of us who are hard of hearing have come to rely on TV subtitles which, now that we have the possibility of larger screens, have proved invaluable. All my recent theatregoing has been at the Lyceum and Crucible theatres in Sheffield.

All performances have been good but the most successful for those of us with some hearing seem to have been musicals. The more leisurely pace allows one’s mind to keep up with the action and dialogue but there is also a spin-off for viewers with good hearing who often say that they have, at last, learned the correct words to a song!

In technological terms I often think, "Where will it all end". Great strides have been made to assist deaf and hard of hearing people in the last 12 years and I am sure that the original decision to offer Stagetext captioning, which must have been a step into the unknown, will be further expanded in years ahead.

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