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'Captioning blew away my sense of isolation'

Fiorenzo Cecere

How important is theatre captioning to me these days? Well, it can be likened to my hearing aid and glasses: I would feel terribly lost and isolated without it. Prior to 2000, I was never a theatre fan, partly because I thought the theatre belonged to an elite group, and partly because I thought that the very idea of seeing a stage production without captioning would bore me to tears.

When Stagetext was in its infancy I was curious about the concept of theatre captioning. (I had just seen My Fair Lady and was blown away by the whole experience.) The first Stagetext captioned performance I saw was Abigail’s Party; the title was more than apt, for I literally had a whale of a time: I felt overly involved in the whole experience, and the captions allowed me to be submerged in the storylines of this play. And, more significantly, captioning blew away my sense of isolation, which is quite common within the deaf community. As a result, I became an avid theatregoer, and now attend several captioned performances a month.

One important aspect of my theatregoing experience is meeting fellow deaf and hard of hearing patrons from all walks of life. Thanks to Stagetext, I have made many interesting friends.Captioning also provides me with ample opportunities to meet celebrities, many of whom have expressed genuine interest in captioning.

Thank you, Stagetext, for enriching my social life in many respects. Indeed, I would feel terribly lost and isolated without theatre captioning.

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