Gate Theatre
Mon 18 Nov 2024
7:30 pm
Captioned in house by Gate Theatre
Wish You Were Here image

When I think about where I’m from, I think of you.
Five friends, three weddings and endless inappropriate jokes. Amongst unibrows, forbidden music and shared wax strips, five women exchange dreams whilst planning their lives together. Playful, intimate and surprisingly naughty, these girlfriends are completely unfiltered behind closed doors.
But as unrest in Iran grows, wedding songs are replaced by sirens and protests break out across the country. Futures become uncertain and friendship is threatened as hard choices and emigration pull them apart. The UK premiere of Pulitzer Prize winner Sanaz Toossi’s Wish You Were Here charts a decade of sisterhood and platonic love with raw honesty and outrageous humour.
Through political upheaval and drastic change, can their bonds hold strong, or will best friends forever become friends long lost?