Small Steed
Sat 18 Nov 2023
7:00 am - 7:00 am

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Wet Cement (A work in progress) image

Temporal Horizons Productions in association with Small Steed Theatre present this Arts Council England funded work-in-progress performance.

Ali has left the madness of mainstream education to pursue a more peaceful career as a private tutor. However, when Danny (a neurodivergent man) enlists her help to pass his adult GCSE’s, she is dragged back into a world of stress and scrutiny, as it appears Danny is one of her ex-students who she had a hand in expelling…

Now Danny wants Ali to take accountability for her failings as a teacher. But Ali wants Danny to take accountability for his actions as a student… Can a compromise be reached before either hit breaking point, or will history tragically repeat itself?

“Wet Cement is astute class commentary. Danny is exactly the kind of man dehumanised by society, and the writing does a tremendous job of humanising him with thought and tenderness… A beautiful story of redemption and friendship.” – Bush Theatre

“The characters are richly painted and three-dimensional. The play offers a subtle and artful raising of dramatic stakes, the subtext is uneasy and carries danger to it. This is a skilfully written two hander, which shows real promise.” – National Theatre

Following a short interval this rehearsed reading will include a presentation and Q&A with Autism Act about issues surrounding accessibility and supporting those who are Neurodivergent. Please stay in your seats at the end of the performance to attend this.