Lyric Hammersmith
Tue 25 Jun 2024
7:30 pm
Captioned in house by Lyric Hammersmith
Wedding Band: A Love Hate Story in Black and White image

Set in the deep south of the USA in 1918 when interracial marriage was illegal, Julia, a black seamstress, and Herman, a white baker, are defying all odds with their secret love. They face vicious judgement not just by society but also their closest friends and family. As they finally begin to believe their dreams for a future together are possible, Herman becomes a victim of the Spanish flu. Determined to save him, Julia is faced with decisions that will change her life.
Award-winning American playwright Alice Childress’ Wedding Band is a searing and powerful masterpiece which offers a stark reflection of the reality she was writing in during the Civil Rights era. It explores themes of race and class, questioning the devastating impact of unjust laws on ordinary human lives.
This moving and emotive drama will be directed by Monique Touko following her smash-hit success School Girls; Or, the African Mean Girls Play at the Lyric.
Content warning: This play is set in a particular time and place in history when ‘anti-miscegenation laws’ which banned inter-racial marriage were in place. Racist language and actions are depicted and described throughout the play, as well as instances of anti-semitic language. Please get in contact for further information and revisit this webpage as the content warning will be updated when the show starts rehearsals.