Kings College London
Wed 26 Jun 2024
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Transforming the Visual Arts image

This third talk of the ‘Disability, higher education, and the cultural sector: interdisciplinary talks’ series will be given by Charlotte Hollinshead and Sheryll Catto from ActionSpace. They will discuss the London based visual arts organisation’s work supporting learning disabled artists to develop and sustain successful creative practices.
Speakers’ bio:

Charlotte Hollinshead, Head of Artist Development, has led ActionSpace’s South London Studio at Studio Voltaire, Clapham for over 25 years. She supports artists with complex learning disabilities and high support needs to develop unique individual arts practice and deliver an extensive range of commissions, projects, events and exhibitions. Charlotte created and manages ActionSpace’s participatory and live art programme, with includes the innovative ‘Make It Live’ collective.

Sheryll Catto, Artistic Director & CEO, joined ActionSpace in 2008. She has over 30 years’ experience in the visual arts and is a passionate advocate for greater diversity and inclusion in the cultural sector. Her current focus is on developing organisational structures to support neurodivergent and learning disabled artists to take up leadership roles n the arts. She is working with Dr Rafie Cecilia (King’s College London) and artist/legal practitioner Jack Ky Tan to create a model for involving their learning disabled artists in organisational decision-making.