The Wallace Collection
Wed 24 Jul 2024
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
The Queens of the Sikh Empire image

Join Dr Atwal as she shares ground-breaking research from her first book. Learn about the significance of the long-forgotten political, dynastic and cultural roles played by the diverse female figures of Maharajah Ranjit Singh’s family including Sikh, Hindu and Muslim women. By telling their stories, Dr Atwal will provide a fresh historical overview of the rise and fall of the 19th-century kingdom of Lahore, exploring how pivotal the royal women of Punjab were to its fortunes.
About the speaker: Dr Priya Atwal is a historian of modern monarchy, empire and cultural politics across Britain and South Asia. Her first book, Royals and Rebels: The Rise and Fall of the Sikh Empire was published internationally in 2020. She currently works at the University of Oxford as the History Faculty’s first Community History Fellow, and frequently supports media and public history projects as a consultant and broadcaster. She presented the BBC Radio 4 series, Lies My Teacher Told Me and consulted for Netflix’s Bridgerton, as well as the new Crown Jewels display at the Tower of London.
Take part at the museum: No ticket required, drop in on the day. Join us in the Theatre for this special talk.
Watch online: This talk will also be broadcast live from the museum. Book a free ticket online to receive a Zoom link. Ticketholders will also receive a link to view a recording of the talk, which will be available for two weeks only.