New Writing North
Sat 14 Oct 2023
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
New Writing North

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The Power of the Classics with Edith Hall and Jennifer Saint image

Why do the stories of the ancient world still ignite our interest? Join Professor Edith Hall and novelist Jennifer Saint as they explore why the Classics are for everyone.
Durham University’s Professor Edith Hall is an author and broadcaster who specialises in putting pleasure into the history, literature, and philosophy of ancient Greece and Rome and their continuing impact in the modern world. She is leading the Classics and Class in the North East project, which aims to bring communities together while celebrating the history of working class access to the classics.
Jennifer Saint is the Sunday Times bestselling author of classical retellings Ariadne, Elektra and most recently Atalanta. She is a visiting research fellow at King’s College, London and previously spent thirteen years as an English teacher in her native Yorkshire.