Edinburgh International Book Festival
Sat 24 Aug 2024
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Ed Int Book Fest

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The Front List: Richard Osman in conversation with Ian Rankin image

A new Richard Osman book is an event, so the announcement that there would be a brand-new series set millions of readers into a frenzy. And in a worldwide exclusive, he’s choosing to launch that new series at this year’s Edinburgh International Book Festival.  
With the beloved cast of Thursday Murder Club on a brief hiatus ‘to just relax, kick back, and rejuvenate’, Osman takes to the Book Festival stage to introduce us to Amy and Steve Wheeler, the first father and daughter in law detective combo in crime writing history (we think). Hear multimillion selling Osman chatting to crime-writing legend Ian Rankin about killers, cats, and how sometimes, just when you think you know where you’re headed, life has other plans.