Edinburgh International Book Festival
Mon 12 Aug 2024
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

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The Front List: James O’Brien image

With the General Election looming, the political news cycle is in overdrive: each day brings drama, often with mishandlings directly attributed to those who should know better.
James O’Brien, one of Britain’s leading broadcasters, reaches 1.4 million people weekly through his lunchtime show on LBC. Renowned for his blistering analysis and critique, he’s among the fiercest critics of contemporary Britain’s management by our current crop of political leaders.
How They Broke Britain is his forensic takedown of the key figures responsible for the UK’s current mess. He’s even updating it exclusively this month to ensure Rishi Sunak can take his place among them (with a chapter longer than Truss’s, but shorter than Murdoch’s). O’Brien systematically connects the dots to damning effect, urging us to demand better as we examine our expectations from 21st-century politicians. Expect sparks to fly as Assistant Editor of the Spectator Isabel Hardman takes the interviewing hot seat.