Young Vic
Fri 5 Apr 2024
7:45 pm
Captioned in house by Young Vic
The Earthworks image

The universe doesn’t care if we know how it works.
A hotel bar in Geneva, the night before the Large Hadron Collider is switched on. A woman walks up to a man. She’s a journalist, trying to write a career-defining article, and he is a scientist, still reeling from a recent loss. What could have an obvious ending, turns into a story of two people’s worlds colliding for a brief, yet life-changing moment.
Directed by 2023 Genesis Future Directors Award recipient, Andrea Ling, and written by the award-winning Tom Morton-Smith (My Neighbour Totoro, Oppenheimer at the RSC), The Earthworks is a moving and hilarious exploration into carrying the weight of grief and knowing when it’s time to let go.
The Genesis Future Directors Award program is made possible by the Genesis Foundation.