Soho Theatre
Wed 10 Jul 2024
7:15 pm
Captioned in house by Soho Theatre
The Dao of Unrepresentative British Chinese Experience image

A psychedelic punk rock riff on what path you choose, which identity politics you embrace or whether it’s easier to be a butterfly dreaming of being ‘Chinese’.Semi-autobiographical, free-form and explosive, Daniel York Loh’s psychedelic gig-theatrical punk pop rap rock riff on what path to choose, which identity politics to embrace or whether it’s just easier to follow the ‘Dao’ of ancient Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi and dream you’re a butterfly.
Or, be a butterfly dreaming of being ‘Chinese’….
The ‘British Chinese’
So often regarded as a ‘model minority’
Quiet, high-achieving, polite, invisible…
But when someone who is ‘British Chinese’ spends their life taking drugs, getting thrown out of school, claiming benefits, being chased in stolen cars, getting locked up, then rehabilitating onto the stage, where do they fit in?
Oh, and they’re not quite ‘Chinese’ enough anyway
Produced by Kakilang, supported by John Ellerman Foundation, Arts Council England, Battersea Arts Centre and Cockayne – Grants for the Arts: a donor advised fund held at The London Community Foundation.