Camden People's Theatre
Mon 27 May 2024
7:15 pm
Creative Captions by Camden People's Theatre
The Crip Monologues image

Disabled people exist under constant scrutiny. We are an object of fascination, stared at but rarely fully seen. Nobody wants to be caught staring at disabled people’s bodies – but once we’re on stage, the stared at are staring back.
The Crip Monologues is a new show from CRIPtic Arts and Director Jamil Dhillon, with scripts by Hayleigh Morrow, Sonera Theo Angel, Emily Brenchi, and Simone Roach. It is an invitation into the intimate narratives disabled people share with one another, an exposure to life under constant non-disabled scrutiny, and a reclamation of the power of performance from the disabled perspective.
Hayleigh Morrow’s Ava in Wonderland, performed by Tatum Swithenbank, unravels the aftermath of a kinky one-night stand under the gaze of a judgemental carer. Theo Angel’s Just Short of Saintly, performed by Sam Zelaya, explores the cost and compromises of navigating the world when you’re not a sympathetic victim. Emily Brenchi’s Mother, performed by Kate Cavill, narrates the impact of disbelief and discrimination giving birth as a disabled woman, while Simone Roach writes a captivating love letter to the beauty, heritage, and heart of the disabled community in The Moon Jellyfish, performed by Samira Ahmed.