National Gallery
Fri 24 Nov 2023
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Talk and Draw: The Lavergne Family Breakfast’, Jean-Etienne Liotard image

Lecturer Katy Tarbard and artist Marc Woodhead explore Jean-Etienne Liotard’s ‘The Lavergne Family Breakfast’, the feature painting of our current ‘Discover Liotard’ exhibition.
First, listen to a brief talk, then respond by making your own work in this short, artist-led drawing session. Please have to hand a sharp pencil, paper and a rubber.
The session will take place online and will last about one hour.
Sometimes we might suggest using different drawing or craft materials, so, if you are able to, please keep a pencil case of different colours, a ruler and a pair of scissors nearby, as well as anything else you might like to experiment with.