Orange Tree Theatre
Tue 12 Dec 2023
7:30 pm
Captioned by Stagetext
She Stoops to Conquer image

Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no fibs
Christmas at Hardcastle Hall, where guests are assured of a hearty welcome. The gramophone is playing a Charleston, cocktails are in the shaker, and romance is in the air. Kate Hardcastle can’t wait to meet her intended fiance, Charles Marlow – but when Marlow fi nally turns up, he’s not the shy and retiring man anyone was expecting. Wily Kate soon realises that faint heart never won fair husband…
OT Artistic Director Tom Littler, with Francesca Ellis, directs the 250th anniversary production of Oliver Goldsmith’s glorious comedy of misunderstanding. A riot of mistaken identities and marital mishaps is relocated to a 1930s country house world of Jeeves and Wooster, complete with disappearing diamonds, bumbling bachelors, and terrifying aunts.