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Yorkshire Sculpture International
Sat 30 Sep 2023
7:30 pm
Subtitled by Stagetext
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Sculpture Talk: Tamar Harpaz | Available Now image

Tamar Harpaz (b.1979, Jerusalem) lives and works in Amsterdam. Harpaz graduated from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, and was the recipient of the Rijksakademie Fellowship Award in 2016, and the Wolf Fund Anselm Kiefer Prize in 2013. In 2018, Harpaz had a solo exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and Edel Assanti in London. Harpaz is best known for sculptures that use light, mirrors, and lenses to create uncanny optical illusions. Combined into meandering installations, they unfold into narratives that touch on the cinematic and spectacular, but lay bare the simple mechanisms of their creations.
Harpaz showed new work at the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds as part of Yorkshire Sculpture International. In this talk she explains her work processes and discusses her approach to her 2019 commission.
Other recent solo exhibitions include March Madness at Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen (Holland, 2017); Kitchen Sink Drama at Center for Contemporary Art Tel Aviv (Israel, 2014); Girl-to-Gorilla at Sommer Contemporary Art, (Israel, 2012). Recent group exhibitions include Rolling Snowball, 8th edition at CEAC Xiamen (China, 2017);Sense of Sound, Dordtyart (Netherlands 2017); Artricks at The Israel Museum (Israel, 2013); Reinventing the Future at MACRO (Italy, 2013); WYSIWYG at Tel Aviv Museum of Art (Israel, 2013).
This event was part of the INSIDE/OUT Lecture Series by the Leeds Beckett University School of Art, Architecture & Design and Yorkshire Sculpture International.