Bristol Old Vic
Fri 17 Dec 2021
7:00 pm
Captioned by Stagetext

This Christmas, discover the next chapter in our hugely popular series of blockbuster festive family shows: a fresh spin on the swashbuckling legend Robin Hood with multi-award-winning company The Wardrobe Ensemble. Theatrical magic guaranteed.
When a 21st-century kid discovers a dusty book at the back of his local library, something miraculous happens. Reality cracks and he’s thrown into the middle of an epic fight between good and evil. It’s Sherwood Forest. The 12th century. An uneasy time of cunning thieves, dastardly villains and karaoke-singing monks. Sound familiar so far? Not all is as it seems…
When the corrupt Sheriff of Nottingham sets in motion his vicious plan for ultimate power, it’s up to Robin Hood and her Merry Crew to pull off their toughest mission yet. Can they defeat the Sheriff before it’s too late – and can they get JJ back home?
Combining wit, warmth and daring archery, Robin Hood: Legend of the Forgotten Forest is a magical tale about taking aim at the things you believe in, shooting straight from the heart and becoming the hero you were born to be. (And it’s also about the power of responsible taxation).