New Writing North
Sun 15 Oct 2023
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
New Writing North

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Pip Fallow: Dragged Up Proppa image

Join Durham author Christopher ‘Pip’ Fallow and hear his extraordinary story. Pip was destined to join his father and brothers down the pit, but the closure of his County Durham village’s mine in the 1980s saw him at the back of the dole queue like so many of his contemporaries.
Dragged Up Proppa is the story of a lost generation who were prepared for a life that had disappeared by the time they were ready for it. It explores some of the most important issues affecting Britain today: from levelling up and the north-south divide, to social mobility and class.
Pip Fallow is now a bricklayer and a successful author, and was shortlisted for the Sid Chaplin Award for working class writing.
Chaired by Michael Chaplin