British Museum
Thu 6 Jun 2024
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Occupied! How the Roman army impacted life in Britain image

Join Dr Carolina Rangel de Lima, Project Curator for Legion: life in the Roman army as she chairs this panel of speakers on the deep-felt impacts of the Roman army on life in Britain.
Dr Richard Hobbs, Senior Curator of the Romano-British and late Roman Collections at the British Museum will explore what the Vindolanda tablets tell us about relationships between the Roman army and local Britons.
Roman historian and author Dr Emma Southon will be talking about women and family, drawing from the Vindolanda letters and the archaeology of the famous Hadrian’s Wall fort they come from – and how they change our perception of life on the northern frontiers of the Roman Empire. In particular Dr Southon explores the family of Sulpicia Lepidina and Flavius Cerialis at Vindolanda at the end of the first century AD.
Prof David Mattingly will go into further detail about what we can tell about interactions between the Roman army and local Britons from archaeological records and what impact the Roman army may have had on the cultural and ethnic diversity of Britain.