Royal Court Theatre
Fri 7 Jun 2024
7:45 pm
Captioned in house by Royal Court Theatre
Lie Low image

“I was broken into a year ago and I was struggling for a bit afterwards. I’m fine now though.”
In the wake of a home invasion, Faye can’t sleep. She’s fine though.
All she’s had to eat this week is a box of dry Rice Krispies. She’s fine though, really – she is…  
Desperate to shake her insomnia, Faye enlists the help of her brother, Naoise, to try a form of exposure therapy. But Naoise has a devastating secret that’s about to come to light.
Lie Low is a dark new play from writer Ciara Elizabeth Smyth (Sauce) and director Oisín Kearney (My Left Nut), about fear, trauma and family. It offers a theatrical exploration into the human brain and its response to sexual assault.
This touring production of Lie Low is made possible by the support of Culture Ireland.