Soho Theatre
Tue 27 Feb 2024
9:15 pm
Live Subtitled by Soho Theatre
Lara Ricote: Little Tiny Wet Show (baptism) image

You’re born, you’re in it, you’re dead. Symbolically. Kind of. Don’t think about it right now.Right now, stay present in this moment. Stay. Present. Purchase. A. Ticket.
A sort of surreal, partially interactive, dark (like silly dark! not like edgelord dark… Or is it?) and maybe moving comedy show about what it’s even like to live and what it means to care for someone if you always leave them.
Multi-award-winner, legally deaf and master story-teller Lara Ricote brings her signature ‘razor-sharp goofball’ (Guardian) skills, guiding audiences through intricate webs of ridiculousness with a touch of political ambiguity. Lara’s blend of Mexican, American, Dutch and Venezuelan life-experience brings a refreshingly diverse perspective.
After sold-out debut shows at the 2023 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Lara’s return promises to be another hit. And if that doesn’t convince you, all of these companies have allowed her on their shows: Live At The Apollo (BBC), Guessable (Comedy Central), As Yet Untitled; Live at the Moth Club; Question Team;Unforgivable; World’s Most Dangerous Roads (Dave).
Winner: Best Newcomer – Edinburgh Comedy Awards, 2022
Winner: Funny Women – Stage Awards, 2021
Tue 27 Feb:  Performance live captioned by Claire Hill