Southwark Playhouse
Sat 21 Sep 2024
7:30 pm
Captioned by Stagetext
Julias Caesar image

A new era awaits.
Caesar is a God amongst men. Caesar has returned to Rome in triumph after a bitter and bloody civil war, his extraordinary rise in popularity strikes horror in those who fear that too much power held by one man is a threat to the Republic and democracy itself.
Led by Cassius, a group of conspirators convince Brutus to join in the search for a way to remove the tyrannical Caesar, their bloody actions lead to all-out war.
This brand new, contemporary, ensemble production set inside a government media spin room examines the relationship between our political leaders, the media and the ways in which we engage with and consume news. Can we ever really trust what we see on our screens?
Shakespeare’s political thriller plays at Southwark Playhouse this Autumn in what is set to be a hotly contested electoral year in the UK, US and across Europe.