Arts and Marketing Association (AMA)
Wed 6 Mar 2024
9:30 am - 4:00 pm
Inclusivity & Audiences Day image

Inclusivity & Audiences Day has been designed to spark your curiosity about the different people who make up our audiences and communities, especially those who are at the intersection of arts, heritage, culture, and social justice.   
Taking place on Wednesday 6 March 2024, this online day event is one of your Essential 7-a-day and brings attention to our communities, language, policies, processes, and procedures in one space. 
By joining us at Inclusivity & Audiences Day, you are starting on your journey to become an agent of change.  
On the day, each session block will comprise of a case study followed by an action session, where you will split out into breakout groups to discuss your thoughts and the provided provocations. You will be placed into your breakout group at the start of the day and will remain in this same group of delegates throughout the day. 
By the end of the day, you will have created a series of pledges, based on the provocations offered by our speakers, that you can work towards as part of your 7-a-day. 
By attending Inclusivity and Audiences Day as part of your 7-a-day, your takeaways will include: 

Insights into achieving meaningful collaborative representation  
An understanding of how to place wellbeing at the core of your strategy  
Your pledge to introduce ways to explore your organisation’s acknowledgement from a historical context  
Ways to strengthen connections with the communities you serve