Young Vic
Wed 23 Oct 2024
7:45 pm
Captioned in house by Young Vic
Girl in the Machine image

"The gap is getting smaller between the human and the hardware."
Polly loves Rowen but lately, that hasn’t felt like enough. Then Rowen brings home the Black Box, with its promises to cure depression, and in a flick of a switch changes everything. As Polly becomes more distant from the person she planned to share her life with, will her love for Rowen be enough to resist the draw of eternal bliss that the Black Box offers?
Genesis Future Directors Award 2024 recipient Annie Kershaw, brings an electrifying production of award-winning Stef Smith’s Girl in the Machine. This story of love in a fast-changing world comes to the Young Vic this autumn.
The Genesis Future Directors Award program is made possible by the Genesis Foundation.